Another partnership coordinated by AEVA, with the support and management of Citizens Projects. The partnership is being developed at EPA – Escola Profissional de Aveiro.


SSEAC – Successful Social Entrepreneurs and Active Citizens (2014-2016)


The aim of our project is the development of both an innovative webpage with CMS (Content Management System) and the development of Social entrepreneurship projects in a Portuguese and in an Estonian Schools, as a key element of the respective vet courses of education, namely Organization of Events and Marketing and Public Relations, in Portugal, and Multimedia, photography and ICT, in Estonia. In both schools, virtual companies will be founded, which will plan and implement social events and activities. In both places, groups of students will have to decide on the type of activity, content, target public and aims. They will be involved in the planning and implementation of the events right from the beginning. Cooperation between both institutions will be based on information exchange and production of usable contents from the area of organization of events, multimedia and IT by the students using Web. 2.0 tools.