SOS Water

Another partnership of success coordinated by AEVA with the support and management of Citizens Projects!

The project was developed by EPA (Escola Profissional de Aveiro), between 2013 and 2015.


SOS Water


According to the report of the 2030 Water Resources Group, ‘Water is essential for human life, nature and the economy. It is permanently renewed but it is also finite and cannot be made or replaced with other resources. Freshwater constitutes only about 2% of the water on the planet and competing demands may lead to an estimated 40% global water supply shortage by 2030’.

The EU’s water policy has been successful in helping to protect our water resources. However, the partnership feels that there are still many obstacles which hamper action to safeguard Europe’s water resources specially among common citizens and often young people who feel quite often that water is a never ending resource.  It is known that the aquatic environments differ greatly across the EU and therefore we want to analyse the situation of water in each partner country. Although we know that we can not propose any one-size fits-all solution, we want to emphasise key themes which include: addressing water pollution, increasing water efficiency and resilience, saving rain water, education about water resource protection, threats to local water sources, preventing water contamination, water quality, etc. We also want to promote ‘little’ things everybody can do in order to save and protect water.  Water is a local issue but is also a global problem interlinked with many issues such as food security, desertification, climate change, impact of natural and man-made disasters etc., which all have significant economic, social and security dimensions. Thus, we wish to promote awareness among young individuals on the importance of saving and protecting water by doing research, analysis, talks, presentations aiming critical thinking and by developing and organizing public awareness events.