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Citizens Projects (CitiPro) is one of AEVA’s (Association for the Education and Valorisation of Aveiro’s Region) thirteen Independent Departments. CitiPro promotes international events and international internships, organises Study Visits, develops and coordinates national and international projects, focusing also on training for teachers, staff working in education and other stakeholders.

Some of our courses:
- Entrepreneurship in Education;
- Leadership and Motivation;
- ICT Literacy;
- The Logistics of Knowledge and the Processes of Change;
- My Human Rights Friendly Classroom;
- The Resilient Teacher;
- Engagement and ‘Voice’ in the Classroom;
- The Human Rights Challenge;
- Mediation and Negotiation Processes in Education;
- Portuguese Language and Culture.

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AEVA - Citizens Projects

Rua Dr. Francisco Ferreira Neves
Apartado 567 – Barrocas
3800-510 Aveiro

PIC Number: 947 864 116

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