AEVA, through the support and management given by Citizens Projects, succeeded in developing another partnership – in this case, a COMENIUS REGIO – between several institutions from Portugal and Germany.


Within the framework of a partnership between the regions of Aveiro and Bremen, social entrepreneurship is to be implemented in a German and a Portuguese School, as a key element of the relevant courses of education. Here, school companies will be founded at both locations, which plan and implement events. The student teams will decide on the content (Fair Trade, Climate change, Tourism sustainability etc.) and specific goals of the activities. They are involved in the planning and implementation of the events right from the outset.. The events should
• Inform about each partner region (traditions, culture of learning, family, corporate cultures)
• Promote intercultural communication (language, music, art, games)
• Involve partners outside school (regional and inter-regional network)
• Use resources efficiently.
The teachers will develop a didactic concept for the processing of real-life projects. They create the conditions for student company formation and accompany the founding process.
The partners recognize that the current economic situation is not the problem of a single region, but a challenge for all employers is to train young people and to bring employment.

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